Proud To Be From, and Serve...

As Founder and President of Spider Web LLC, I would like to personally thank you for your interest in our company. 

It all started with who I am, where I come from, and what I believe in.  Growing up in the Metro-Detroit area all my life, I have naturally developed an affinity for the unique culture and personality of Detroit, and the state of Michigan, which is why I am proud to work with local businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations to help them thrive in Michigan's competitive economical environment.


We aren't here to compete with larger companies that promise cheap and hassle free services, we are here to work hands-on with our clients, understand what they need, and help them accomplish their goals from start to finish, and beyond.  Too many times I come across folks who have a website, or branding, or marketing strategy that is out-of-date, and they have no way of getting back on track.  We understand that you don't invest in a house or vehicle just to let it deteriorate, and the same goes for your print, digital, and online marketing assets.


I personally work face-to-face with all my clients to communicate, and execute their business goals. Why? Because I believe your website and branding strategy is your most powerful marketing tool, and in order for that to happen, there must be a long-term client relationship.  And as an added bonus, I've even come to enjoy the friendship, and learning experiences I get along the way! 


We always offer free consultations, and up-front pricing on all our services.  Feel free to contact me at any time, I look forward to it!


~ Mike Lawson, President